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Festival Programs



Robert Schumann


August 4, 2018  7:30 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church

An evening celebrating the many ethnicities that make up our beloved festival musicians!

Bach: Partita in E Major for solo violin, Rudolf Haken, violin
Bartok: Serbian Dance, Nic Orbovich, violin and Zofia Glashauser, violin
Wieniawski: Caprice #4, Mr. Orbovich and Ms. Glashauser, violins
Gamboa: Transparencies; Martha Councell Vargas, flute, Mr. Orbovich, violin; Mr. Haken, viola; Jocelyn Shoulders, cello
Susan Kander: Postcards from America; Jennet Ingle, oboe, Jennifer Muñiz, piano
Dvorak: Piano Quintet; Mr. Orbovich, and Ms. Glashauser, violins; Mr. Haken, viola, Ms. Shoulders, cello and Robert Auler, piano

Ludwig van Beethoven


August 6, 2018  7:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church

“Czech” out this celebration of woodwind, family, and fun!

Zelenka: Trio Sonata #5 in F major; for two oboes, bassoon and continuo; Nancy Ambrose King & Jennet Ingle, Oboes; Trevor King, contra bassoon; Eric Varner, Bassoon; Robert Auler, continuo
Janacek: “Mladi” for woodwind sextet; Ms. Ambrose King; Ryan King, Clarinet; Mr. Varner; Anna Mayne, French Horn; William King, Bass Clarinet
Holst: Four Songs for Voice and Violin; Melisa Barrick Baldwin, soprano and Ms. Glashauser, violin.
Krömmer: Octet-Partita for Winds; Ms. Ambrose King, Jennet Ingle, Oboes; Ryan & William King, Clarinets; Mr. Varner, bassoon; Trevor King, Bassoon & Contrabassoon; Ms. Mayne, Kurt Civilette, French Horns

Bernard Crussell


August 8, 2018  7:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church

Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 violins; Ms. Glashauser and Mr. Orbovich, violins
Korngold: Shakespeare Songs; Ms. Barrick Baldwin and Ms. Muñiz
Hindemith: “Hecklephone” Trio; William King, clarinet; Mr. Haken, viola; and Robert Auler, piano
Dvorak: “Dumky” Trio; Mr Orbovich, violin; Wesley Baldwin, cello; Mr. Auler, piano



August 10, 2018  7:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church

A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s Music and American Music

Samuel Barber: String Quartet; Ms. Glashauser and Mr. Orbovich, violins; Mr. Haken, viola; Mr. Baldwin, cello.
Higdon: “Love Sweet” for soprano and Piano Trio; Ms. Barrick Baldwin, soprano; Mr. Orbovich, violin; Mr. Baldwin, cello; Mr. Auler, piano
Bernstein: Clarinet Sonata; Mr. King, clarinet; Mr. Auler, piano
Bernstein: I Hate Music!, Dream with Me, Glitter and be Gay, West Side Story Suite; Ms.Baldwin, soprano, Matthew Daniel, tenor, Ms. Muñiz, piano

Aaron Copland


August 12, 2018  3:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church

Favorite American Songs: Ms. Baldwin, soprano
Copland: 8 Poems of Emily Dickinson; Ms. Barrick Baldwin, soprano; Jennifer Muñiz, piano
New composition for Gospel Choir, Rapper, strings, and piano; Singers from New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Brandon Lampkin, Music Director; Nic Orbovich & Zofia Glashauser, violins; Rudolf Haken, viola; Wesley Baldwin, cello; Ms. Muñiz
Dvorak: String Quartet, Number 12, “American;” Ms. Glashauser, Mr Orbovich, violins; Mr. Haken, viola; and Mr. Baldwin, cello

All concerts are followed by “Meet the Artists” receptions. Admission is FREE to all events.

3 Children's Concerts


The Friendly Beasts

Sing and Dance

August 7 2018  6:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church
Sunny Garner Orbovich, Nic Orbovich, Zofia Glashour, Melisa Barrick Baldwin.

As the children's programs reflect and educationally augment the theme of this year's festival, "American Musical Experience," Tuesday night will feature performances by Nic Orbovich, Violin, and Zofia Glashauser, Violin, who will play Serbian and Polish dances, honoring their own Serbian and Polish origins.  Melisa Barrick-Baldwin, Soprano, and Zofia will perform excerpts from the evocative Four Songs by Gustav Holst.  There will be dancing, led by our own Emily Sullivan, and tiny tots will find a welcoming atmosphere of action poems and songs that make listening to great music natural!  There will be art projects and pizza, too!


Flower Power

Rhythm and Groove

August 9, 2018  6:00 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church
Sunny Garner Orbovich, Nic Orbovich, Rudolf Haken, Wesley Baldwin, Rob Auler

The musical focus on our Thursday night Children's concert will be Antonin Dvorak’s "Dumky Trio," and Paul Hindemith's wacky & wonderful Trio for hecklephone, Viola and Piano.  This evening of beautiful music and rhythmic energy will be made even more accessible to the young by words from the musicians, active responses, and even dancing.  There will be the most rousing game ever of musical chairs at the end of the concert!  

Both nights will include projects and pizza!  Come and enjoy a truly memorable evening with some of our great MCCMF stars!



Children Play for Children

August 11, 2018  Noon

Michigan City Public Library
Sunny Garner Orbovich

The Saturday concert will be at noon at the Michigan City Public Library and feature youthful performers from the Summer Choral Camp, the studio of Nic Orbovich, and music students from other teachers in the Michigan City area.  It's a celebration of sharing the love of music between generations, and nurturing the youthful response.  Please come and support our young musicians!



Admission is FREE to all events.

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