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Welcome To Our 18th Season

From the Artistic Director

Dearest Guest,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome, you, our most cherished artistic resource, our AUDIENCE, to our 18th season of great music!

Our theme, “Witness, Legacy, and Triumph” may seem a bit enigmatic. I was inspired to this theme, while reading Dmitri Shostakovich’s memoir, “Testimony.” It is a collection of letters and various writings of his throughout his life. I was further moved toward this topic by a Rosh Hashanah sermon by our dear friend, Rabbi Reni Dickman, while I was a guest at Sinai Temple to play the traditional “Kol Nidrei.” She mentioned that we were, indeed, “living in historic times.” She also asked us, “how will the history books of tomorrow recall these times?” The end is up to us.

So, in reflecting on these difficult and tumultuous days of anger and disinformation, what can music do to help, perhaps? I personally doubt that music, itself, has any physical healing powers to save humanity, or even small communities … but music can be a public forum.

This season we will reflect on music that was born of conflict & healing. This year is really a prequel to next season, too; a celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday. In his musical career, he became the voice of opposition to Napoleonic tyranny and to the triumph of the common people! More on that in 2020.

We start with “Faith,” the music of J.S. Bach, a man of tremendous Christian faith. We take a brief, but wonderful “Summer Escape” with great virtuosic and exciting music. We follow up with “Forgiveness.” As an old teacher of mine called the music of Brahms “the music of forgiveness.” Next, is “Witness.” An incredible night of music of Shostakovich and more, as he was a true witness to tyranny. And finally, “Hope,” as Children’s Choir Voices will lead us, with hope, into the future.

The music this season is meditative, exciting, majestic, and hopeful. May it help lead us all to high purpose!


Nic Orbovich
MCCMF Artistic Director, Co-founder, and violinist

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